Latest News

July 2019:

March -December 2018
working on new production music projects for Sony/EMI
January 2018
performing in the choir The Divide at The old Vic
December 2017:

Rehearsing in the choir for The Divide at The Old Vic
June-October 2017:
Working on new production music projects
January 2017:
-tracks finished with Esther Dee for EMI album
August 2016:
-Performing in Rise at The Old Vic:
-Afro Cuban Big Band Workshop
April/May 2016:
-Song writing for EMI with Esther Dee:
April 2016:
-Performing in Micro vs Macro at The Old Vic:
March 2016:
-Performing in Quests at GDA:
January 2016
-Songs completed for EMI production music.
-Album completed for new music library company Lemoncake:
September 2015:
September 2015:-New library album nearing completion.
-Great (3 hour!) gig with Solomento in St Albans.
July 2015:
-working on new production music projects
June 2015:
-SOAS Cuban music summer School.
-Play the Hope Festival with Solomento: http://www.hopefestival.co.uk
May 2015:
series of gigs in the West Country with Solomento: http://www.solomento.co.uk
March 2015:
-off to Cuba to study Cuban music at the legendary Egrem Studios
October 2014:
-involved in sound design and music with a theatre production at The South London Theatre
July 2014:
-starting an exciting new song writing project
February 2014:
-working with Anoushka Lucas recording and filming new tracks:
-move to a new studio in Bermondsey

May 2013: 
-working on new production music projects.

April 2013:
-working on producing an album with the very talented Siobhan Parr: http://www.last.fm/music/Siobhan+Parr

January 2013:
-working on production and remixing with talented singer song writer Anoushka Lucas: https://soundcloud.com/julian-cox-composer/day-dreams-remix

-Working on new library music projects.

April 2011:
-PANIC BUTTON (feature film) - director Chris Crow, producers Movie Mogul
-working with composer Mark Rutherford on this exciting new horror/thriller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ekb0SnttVqA&feature=related

March 2011: 
-MISBEHAVING MUMS TO BE - BBC3 The music has just been finished for this series.